Bio: Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Chris Moore is an executive, manager and leader in digital marketing.  With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, he is passionate about helping his clients, and their customers use their data to improve sales, marketing, customer experience and operational outcomes.  Industries served include education, telecommunications, financial, insurance, retail, vacation destination and cable.


Chris began his career working in Boston at one of the largest banks where he learned how to access large databases and use programming tools to convert data into meaningful reports, and then communicate the information to executive management in the form of insights.  It was this start that led Chris to work at Epsilon, which is the global leader in turning data-driven marketing into lasting relationships.  Subsequently, Chris spent the next 15 years working at start-ups and fortune 100 companies managing large client relationships and guiding them towards maximizing their client relationships.


Using his skills acquired in the digital marketing sector, Chris is now applying them in K-12.  He and his colleagues are developing a solution that will help schools improve a wide variety of student outcomes using exciting new sources of data all leading to new forms of highly actionable education insights.


Embedded within his service to clients, Chris is a champion and strong advocate of business intelligence.  While the science of assembling a business intelligence dashboard is enjoyable, it is the art of creation where Chris adds the most value.  He works diligently with clients to more deeply understand leading indicators of success and how an organization might change to accommodate them.   He works with all levels of an organization to convert those key performance indicators into hard data.  Then he makes recommendations to enhance business operations while helping staff focus on those service areas that result in maximum customer satisfaction and service outcomes.  The end product is a lasting legacy in the form of the Business Intelligence Dashboard that management uses to ensure mission success.


Chris has his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Michael’s College, Vermont, and was a member of the Massachusetts “Readiness Project:  Education as our Competitive Edge.”; Reporting to the Governor, the initiative was designed to guarantee that the Massachusetts educational system will graduate students able to compete for any job in the new economy.