Client List

Following is a partial list of previous client organizations.

New Sector Alliance – Barbara Thornton, Interim Executive Director.  New Sector offers fellowship programs for recent college graduates who intend to pursue a career in nonprofit or mission driven organizations.  New Sector has offices in Boston (headquarters), Chicago, Minneapolis/ St. Paul and San Francisco.

Metro West Collaborative Development – N. Paul TonThat and Barbara Thornton worked with the board to explore a road map to partnership with another nonprofit organization.

Friendship Home Inc. of Norwell MA –  Chris Dame, Interim Executive Director.  Friendship Home, a private agency founded in 1999, spends 75% of its annual $1.5 million budget on five programs to assist developmentally disabled young adults.  GivingCommon profile.

Cambridge at Home, Inc., Cambridge, MA – This 501©3 is one of the very early aging-in-place, membership-driven organizations in America. Following the sudden departure of the founding executive director, Frank Reece was hired by the board to support staff, analyze the strategic direction, strengthen financial controls, secure funding and promote the programming of this service organization while leading the search for a new permanent ED.  GivingCommon profile.

 Tri-Cities Community Action Program Inc. – Tri-CAP was a $5 m. community action agency serving Malden, Medford, and Everett, MA. In December 2014 Chris Dame was asked by officials at the state Division of Housing and Community Development to assist the Interim Executive Director and Board develop an Action Plan to deal with a $1 m. deficit. Facing bankruptcy Chris helped federal, state and local officials transfer all client service programs to other nearby CAA’s and safeguard two transitional houses with fifty clients. 

Cambridge Historical Society, Cambridge, MA – After the sudden departure of the ED, Frank Reece stepped in to the leadership role at the behest of the board of governors to stabilize the organization, reassure the staff, solidify the infrastructure,  initiate funds sourcing and manage the search for the next permanent ED

 Pro Musicis Foundation Inc. – PM is a 50 year old NYC organization showcasing young musicians through sponsoring classical music concerts in prisons and other unlikely community venues. Following the death of its founder Father Merlot, Alan Mann is assisting the Board complete a Board training and strategic planning process, and Angela Lomanto is tutoring the Board in fundraising.

Worcester County Horticultural Society, West Boylston, MA – Asked by the trustees of the Tower Hill Botanic Garden to replace the founding executive director, Frank Reece served in this capacity for 18 months.  His principal focus was to provide stability to the organization while defining its core mission and formula for sustainable growth. Working closely with the board and staff to transition the organization, he continued to serve as COO for a considerable period after the hiring of the new permanent ED.

Urban Ecology Institute, Chestnut Hill, MA – Frank Reece served on the board of this Boston College based educational nonprofit until he was asked to play a more active operational role by the board and he served as the Executive Director. After repositioning the organization with Boston’s public schools and strengthening its core mission, he moved UEI from BC to Lesley University and turned operations  over to a permanent ED.

Link House Inc. – Chris Dame completed a SWOT analysis for this important Massachusetts North Shore substance abuse recovery institution with four sites, and presented the results to the Board at a strategic planning retreat.   

Division of Community Housing & Development, Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Based on his experience turning around troubled agencies Chris Dame was asked to assemble a team of professionals to assist the department identify financial and management factors that would alert the state to potentially failing grant recipients.

 Greater Lawrence Community Action Council Inc. –  Chris Dame recently completed 15 months as the Interim Executive Director of this $30 m. community action agency with 23 separate programs. Officially labeled a “troubled agency” by state officials after  newspaper reports that the 85 year old ED was found playing cards at a club six hours a day for three years, Chris led the efforts to complete a 40 step Corrective Action Plan, and pay back $265,000 in misspent federal funds to remove the troubled agency designation in record time. The Board was rebuilt and the staff reorganized. Not a single federal contract was lost and new private grants were won so that services to 29,000 local low income, mostly Hispanic residents in 15 communities could be preserved.

The Global Habitat Project, Boston, MA – Frank Reece served as the Executive Director of this small youth development and natural science education not-for-profit for over a year when he submitted a sustainability plan to the board of trustees that suggested a merger with a like-minded, mission-driven organization. Frank oversaw the process and this merger was accomplished to the benefit of both organizations.

New England States Consortium Systems Organization – Chris Dame used an Appreciate Inquiry process to conduct a Strategic Planning Retreat for the directors of the six New England States Medicaid programs. The retreat was highly successful in identifying top priorities for future organization activity as input to hiring a new Executive Director, and increasing cooperation in the face of rapid health care change. South Shore Housing Development Corporation – As Interim Executive Director Chris Dame performed a turnaround of a major troubled housing agency and prepared the staff and Board for a successful transition to new leadership. Later he coached the new Executive Director of SSHDC, and was then asked by him to serve for five months as the Interim Director of Property Management during the preparation for turning over the function while retaining staff to a private management company.

The Rhode Island Foundation – Chris Dame served for five months as Special Project Consultant to develop the blueprint for the new RIF Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence, developing programs to increase nonprofit management capabilities.

National Brian Tumor Society – N. Paul TonThat has served 18 months as Interim Executive Director of this major national foundation, the result of a merger of two east coast and west coast brain tumor groups which he engineered.

New Center for Arts and Culture – Kevin Ward made recommendations for improvements to the financial systems of a downtown Boston arts organization.

The Providence Singers – Chris Dame conducted a major strategic planning retreat for Board members to create a framework for future growth and change.

English for Action –  Alison Buckser served as Interim Executive Director of this Providence-based English language teaching program for new immigrants and smoothed the transition to permanent leadership.

The Massachusetts 9/11 Survivors Fund – Chris Dame assisted the President to conduct a successful real estate search for a new home for the organization.

Wellspring House – Chris Dame conducted a comprehensive review of the organization and made recommendations to the Board for changes to assist in succession planning for the retirement of the much esteemed 25 year leader.

Florence Crittendon League – Mike Donham surveyed cost controls and made recommendations for improvements after a bookkeeper stole considerable funds.

Summit Montessori School – Michael Miner & Chris Dame provided executive coaching to the Head of School and assessed staff performance for the Board.

Milwaukee Urban Action Coalition – Chris Dame provided Board development & governance consulting to a religious inner city school group

John Hope Settlement House – A team of NPT professionals advised the Board of Providence’s largest black organization on lessons learned from a failed presidency. Work included organizational development, finance, and human resources assessments.

Progresso Latino – Chris served as Interim Executive Director of RI’s largest Latino organization for seven months, and turned around a significant deficit.

Arizona Stars – Chris Dame advised a nationally renowned astronomer and his supporters on establishing a not-for-profit organization in Arizona.

Examples of Recent NPT Clients – continued 2

LaAlianzaHispana – For United Way of Mass Bay, Chris and Bill Garr examined a terminally-ill Hispanic organization and made recommendations for improvement which led to leadership changes and continued viability.

American Congregational Association – Chris Dame advised a church group on governance and development plans for a historic building in downtown Boston.

New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans – After a successful seven month term as Interim Executive Director, at the request of the new permanent Director, Chris Dame analyzed the impacts of resident’s medical restrictions on ongoing service demands and made recommendations to address operational needs.

 Sringstep Incorporated – Michael Miner served as Interim Development Director of a community-based arts organization that connects cultures through participation in dance and music.

The Providence Black Repertory Company – Chris Dame and several associates assessed development, organization, governance and finances at this Rhode Island theatre and community events organization to assist in strategic planning.

Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition – Chris Dame led the Board and staff in a strategic planning retreat to examine governance, finance, and future focus.


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